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The 3rd Workshop of Wuhan Center for Magnetic Resonance

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¡°The 3rd Workshop of Wuhan Center for Magnetic Resonance¡± proceeded at Wuhan from March 25 to 28, 2012.The workshop was held by Wuhan Center for Magnetic Resonance, Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics (WIPM, CAS). The workshop, chaired by Prof. Wang Yulan, Biospectroscopy and Metabonomics Research Center (BMRC), attracted many delegates from about eighteen research institutes and universities in all parts of China, including teachers and students. It mainly involved the principle and new methods of experimental technique and data analysis of metabonomics.

Ye Chaohui, one of academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science, gave a brief review of the course of workshop. The training course was mainly divided into two parts. In the first part, Prof. Tang Huiru, Prof. Wang Yulan, Liu Huili senior engineer, Zhang limin associate professor and Liu Hongbing engineer respectively delivered speeches about new progress of meabonomics, methods of NMR-based metabonomics, technique of NMR experiments, application of High-resolution magic angle spinning nuclear magnetic resonance and relaxation spectral editing, application of LC-NMR-MS/LC-SPE in metabonomics. In the other part, Dr. Quin Wills, co-founder of SimuGen, from department of statistics, university of oxford, made an introduction to chemometric methods for metabonomics data analysis in R: data normalization and scaling, quality control, unsupervised multivariate methods (principal component analysis) and supervised multivariate methods (partial least squares), cross-validation and model evaluation. With the explanation and combination of theory and practice, the participants got much benefit. 

 In recent years, NMR-based metabonomics has been rapidly developed with the many emerging new experimental methods and technologies. The aim of this workshop is to enhance the overall level of researchers, promote academic exchanges and cooperation.

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