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WIPM visited to France universities

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At the invitation of Prof. Amoureux (Universit¨¦de Lille-1, France), Prof. Taulelle( Universit¨¦ de Versailles, France) and Prof. Lanceline (Universit¨¦ de Lyon, France), Prof. YE Chaohui, the director of Wuhan Center for Magnetic Resonance, led his delegation which includes the members of deputy director Prof. DENG Feng, Prof. TANG Huiru and Prof. WANG Yulan on behalf of academic exchange to visit three French universities from Auguest 23 to 30, 2011. Mr. Fleck, the Technology commissioner of French Consulate in Wuhan, gave great support to this visit.
Prof. YE Chaohui and his delegation first visited Universit¨¦ de Lille-1. Both sides made a series of interesting academic reports, discussed scientific issues of common concern and possible areas of cooperation in depth, and reached a consensus of deepening cooperation on the NMR research in catalytic materials and biological molecules. Universit¨¦ de Lille-1 has a long-term cooperation with Wuhan Center for Magnetic Resonance. Prof. Jean-Paul Amoureux and Prof. DENG Feng had once made joint trainings for Ph.D students. The NMR laboratory of Universit¨¦ de Lille-1 is one of the six high-field NMR centers in France, equipped with two high-field NMR spectrometers. The 800MHz spectrometer is mainly used to methodology development in Solid-State NMR and their applications in catalysis and materials research. And the 900MHz spectrometer is applied to study protein and polysaccharide. Huge prospects for cooperation with Wuhan in fields of the material, protein science and metabolomics are presented.
The next stop of Prof. YE and his delegation was the laboratory of Prof. Taulelle in Universit¨¦ de Versailles. The excellent work in material NMR research, which was carried out on the medium- and low-fields (200-500MHz) spectrometers, made deep impression on the visitors. Both sides made an in-depth discussion about mechanism of zeolite synthesis studied by in-situ NMR. And then Prof. Taulelle was invited to visit Wuhan this November.
The last stop was Universit¨¦ de Lyon. The delegation visited the biological analysis NMR laboratory of Prof. Lanceline and the largest high-field NMR center (CRMN) of France located in this university. The center hosts the first commercial 1GHz spectrometer world-wide, and also has a unique range of equipment including several high resolution spectrometers operating at multiple fields (500-800MHz). It is devoted to developing novel applications of very high-field multinuclear NMR spectroscopy, especially in the areas of structural biology and medical diagnosis. During the visit in Lyon, Prof. WANG Yulan and Prof. TANG Huiru took advantage of its 1GMHz NMR spectrometer to carry out research in Metabolomics and obtained satisfactory results. In addition, Prof. TANG was greatly honored to make an academic speech to introduce the research progress in the field of Metabolomics in Wuhan Center for Magnetic Resonance recently. Before leaving Prof. TANG extended an invitation to Prof. Emsley, the director of CRMN, to visit Wuhan next year for further cooperation and exchanges.

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