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Dr. Olivier Pardo from ICL visited WIPM

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On May 26th, 2011, Dr. Olivier Pardo from Cellular Regulatory Networks Lab, department of Biomolecular Medicine, Imperial College London, had delivered an excellent report entitled ¡°S6 kinases in lung cancer biology¡±. Dr. Olivier Pardo was invited by Prof. Wang Yulan to visit our institute, who carried out a one-month academic exchange.
Dr. Olivier Pardo obtained his Doctorate in Pharmacy in the University Paris V, Paris, France and completed his PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Imperial College London. Following a 4-year postdoctoral fellowship in the laboratory of Prof Julian Downward at the Cancer Research UK London Research Institute, He returned to Imperial College to start his own research team.
In the report, Dr. Olivier Pardo described in detail thatlung cancer is one of the most common cancer in the world. He has been actively involved in elucidating the underlying mechanisms for both resistance to therapy and metastasis in lung cancer.  And he has highlighted the role of different members of the S6 kinase family in these processes and identified the role of the growth factor, FGF-2, in the development of resistance to chemotherapeutic drugs. While his group pursues these research interests, his lab is constantly looking into novel research area to help propose innovative therapeutic strategies for this disease and other cancers.
At the end of the report, Dr. Olivier Pardocarried out productive communication and discussion with research staff and students. Later, he visited the experimental platform of metabonomics, confident of the further cooperation.

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